Tibetan Tree Of Life Incense ~ Trunk

Tibetan Tree Of Life Incense ~ Trunk

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Tibetan Tree Of Life Incense ~ Trunk represents the body and soul.  This incense has been hand rolled by artisans in Nepal from a deeply grounding mix of Red Sandal Resin and mixed herbs.  This range of incense has been created to re-connect us to nature through the divine, soulful and all knowing energy of trees. The trunk is a symbol of strength, a place where we can always safely return to remember who we are and what we are truly made from. It has an earthy scent reminiscent of the aroma you experience whilst walking through a rainforest.

It is recommended during yoga practice, grounding meditations, relaxation and as a spiritual offering. 

Each packet contains 30 sticks and an incense holder.

Each stick burns approximately 55 mins.

Made from 100% natural ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging.



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