Spiritual Mentoring Session With Rachel - 1 Hour

Spiritual Mentoring Session With Rachel - 1 Hour

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Blessings to you beautiful soul!  I am Rachel the creator behind Emerly Moon and your guide in this beautiful session to connect with the divine, honour your true self and let go of what no longer serves you.

Are you feeling the need to reset? Have you lost your sense of direction and feel like you are moving through the motions as a task rather than with joy?

I believe we all have the ability within us to heal, we just need to tap in to our sacred inner wisdom and allow our innate healing to begin.  I have discovered that each session is unique, as I tailor to the needs of the individual. 

I use my intuition with a combination of energy healing, ancient techniques and rituals to assess and restore balance within the body, mind and spirit.  You will be taken on a journey to deepen awareness, and look at aspects of yourself to strengthen your spiritual and soul connection.  

Sessions take place via either Zoom/Skype/phone or in person at a beautiful space at The Lakes, Pyes Pa Tauranga.   

My commitment to you is to offer a safe space for you to open up and step into your true authentic power.  Allow me to facilitate along this journey with you. 

All that I ask is that you show commitment and be open to clearing and spiritual transformation.  Remember you are the creator of your own journey.  To get the most out of these sessions I would recommend a minimum of 3 sessions (tailored to your needs these may be weekly or fortnightly) and we can discuss and readjust as needed.

I am honored to work with you to shine your light.


Feel free to contact me to find out if this is right for you and we can schedule an introductory call.

 Email: info@emerlymoon.com

With all of my offerings I ask that you please take responsibility for your own well-being, with the intention to be used to aid in your physical and emotional well-being and does not supersede advice from medical professionals. 

What others have said about sessions with me:

"Rachel has such a calming energy, I immediately felt at ease.  The ritual was just what I needed to let go of what has been holding me back"

"I wasn't sure what to expect and I felt a sense of calm after a session with Rachel" 

If this is calling your soul, reserve your spot now ~ Price Investment $150 (investment in self ~ infinite)