Selenite Crystal Wand 10cm

Selenite Crystal Wand 10cm

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Selenite is such a beautiful crystal known as a high vibration stone for protection and mental clarity.  Great for energy clearing and energy cleansing and some like to use as a massage tool.  We have a selection of either polished or raw Selenite wands to choose from. 

  • Measurements: Approx 10cm length 
  • Beneficial for energy clearing, protect and shield yourself or your home  
  • Assists with mental clarity, insight, protection for you or your living space, placed by your bed to aid sleep, calms and soothes to create peace

Note: Selenite is able to cleanse and recharge itself, do not put in water as it may dissolve.

 Each piece is unique and may vary in size and weight.

We're all about love — this is why our packages are created with high vibration and loving energy; each of them reflects that spirit of vibrancy as it enters your home or workspace. 



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