Palo Santo with Wiracoa and Copal Incense Sticks

Palo Santo with Wiracoa and Copal Incense Sticks

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Made with 100% natural ingredients, these premium Palo Santo incense sticks are infused with Wiracoa and Copal resin.  Hand rolled by Peruvian artisans, using resin from wild harvested Palo Santo trees then combined with gum from Acacia trees.

They have a deep ritual scent that's intermingled with the delicate, woody fragrance of Palo Santo. Wiracoa is an Andean spiritual plant used to lighten and clear the energy in physical spaces, whilst Copal has been used for magical, spiritual and healing purposes since ancient times. It is said that inhaling the fragrance of Copal enhances clairvoyant insight. It is also often added to love, purification and energy cleansing ritual blends and is considered similar to smudge as it has a powerful ability to clear negative energies from ritual objects and crystals. 

When combined with Wiracoa and Palo Santo the resulting sacred smoke embodies a powerful purifying energy that is perfect for cleansing the physical, metaphysical and emotional energies in any space or body whilst simultaneously attracting positive energies. 

Each stick has an approximate burn time of 60 minutes. 

Palo Santo with Wiracoa and Copal Incense Sticks x 3   



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