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Palo Santo Bundle

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3 x Palo Santo Sticks in this bundle

Palo Santo, also known as the "Holy Wood" is a sacred tree that grows on the coast of South America. Traditionally this earthy scented wood was used by shamans, healers and elders in ritual prayer, purification ceremonies and for healing purposes. It is believed the tree has both magical and healing properties that would only be cultivated if the tree was allowed to live a full life.

When burning Palo Santo, the sacred smoke is believed to have metaphysical properties that both purify and cleanse your space.  With an uplifting aroma, you can use as part of a cleansing ritual or as a meditation tool to enhance deeper connection.  It is also known to aid in relieving headaches, stress and anxiety.

The harvesting of Palo Santo wood is strictly regulated with the same guiding principles.  Our source ensures this holy wood is treated with respect and follows the practice of using naturally fallen trees that have been lying peacefully for between 4-10 years.  Each fallen tree that is taken is replaced with a seedling working towards continuously restoring the Palo Santo population.

Please note that our Palo Santo is hand cut per traditional methods and as a result sizes and shapes of each stick may vary.


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