Why Emerly Moon?

When coming up with a name for our store, we really wanted this to encompass who we are and how this would make you feel both visually and creatively.

All of the images we were thinking of had the colour green, and spiritually this is associated with healing, nature, and green for the heart chakra.  From there we started to formulate ideas to bring the final name together as Emerly Moon.

Emerly means "beautiful heart" and is of Sanskrit origin.

"Emer" is from the colour emerald and emerald crystal, which stimulates the heart chakra promoting unity, unconditional love and friendship.

Archangel Raphael is surrounded by emerald green healing light, and is known as the angel of healing.

These components were important to us when creating a soul business focusing around connecting to the heart centre, and using inspired products to activate healing within.

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