Lion's Gate Portal ~ Why You May Be Feeling Out Of Balance


The Lion’s Gate Portal is activated when the Earth and Sun align with the Sirius Star.  This is a direct link between the spiritual world and physical world.

This powerful portal is open from the New Moon in Leo around July 29 and will remain open until August 12.  During this time a high frequency energy is transmitted into our beings, bringing with it a surge of new energy, downloads, inspiration and upgrades.

August 8 is considered the day that we cross the threshold. Powered by the infinity symbol number 8 - associated with creativity, abundance, power and balance, we start to see the rewards in our physical world manifesting.

This is a time to make the big decisions in our lives that truly matter moving forward. Once we do this and step into our power there is no going back.

Significance Of Lion's Gate Portal ~
✨ New beginnings
✨ New insights and consciousness
✨ New ways of thinking
✨ Transformation
✨ Manifestations
✨ Ascension light codes to awaken our DNA
✨ Divine wisdom
✨ Spiritual awakening

To help you during this time try to connect within as much as you can.  You can do this through Meditation, journaling, walk in nature and being outdoors, cleanse in a ritual bath with salts and your favourite essential oils.

Be gentle with yourself as we release, rebirth and receive.  We are leaving behind the parts of us that we kept hidden, which are now exposed making us feel vulnerable and afraid.  Trust in your intuition, trust in the knowing that this is for your greater good and this too shall pass.

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