How To Stay In The Flow This Full Moon

If you have been feeling distracted, dreamy and procrastinating right now, you are not alone!  We are in the Full Moon Energy of a Pisces Full Moon which is very much to 'let go and let flow'.

If you can spend time in nature and cleanse with water this will help you move through the feelings, thoughts and emotions that need to be expressed.

Here are three ways you can feel more in flow this Full Moon:

Journal Writing

Take pen to paper and write all your thoughts, ideas, emotions, frustrations, fears and worries.  This doesn't need to make sense.  This is the opportunity to surrender and let go of all that no longer serves you for your highest good.  Then create space to manifest change and what you wish to have in your life.  Write down all these positive attributes and allow yourself to dream and feel inspired.

Spend Time In Nature

Open the windows and doors and allow fresh air to flow through your home and work space.  Go for a walk or sit in your garden with a cup of your favourite brew.  Step your bare feet onto the earth as this will ground you to Gaia the Goddess of Earth.

Surround Yourself With Water 

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. This is also the time to take that beautiful bath with bath salts, candles and essential oils.  Create a magical space where you can relax and dream!  If you are near the ocean go for a swim or stand with your feet in the water allowing the waves to wash over you and cleanse away all that no longer resonates with you. 

Happy Full Moon Blessings ✨🌕

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