How To Cleanse And Clear Your Crystals

Crystals and gem stones have been used dating back to the beginning of human existence.  In today's world, you may find you are drawn to or attracted to crystals for a number of reasons.  Often the crystals we are drawn to are the ones we need most to aid in our healing journey.

Crystals amplify and raise energy vibrations within your body, your environment and your surroundings.  They can be used to balance your energy system known as 'Chakras' located through out the body.  You can utilise crystals as a spiritual tool for clearing, remove blockages and to deepen your connection within.

How to cleanse and clear your crystals ? To be able to use crystals for their true purpose, it is recommended that you first clear the crystal before setting your intention and connecting with it as your own.  

There are a couple of ways you can cleanse and clear your crystals:

  • Use water ~ In a stream or river in nature, a pure and clean water source is best.  Alternatively you can rinse the crystal under running water.  While doing this, you can ask the universe to cleanse and clear away any negative energy or impurities that may be held within this stone.  Note: there are some crystals that can be damaged with water i.e. Selenite, Kyanite and Malachite, so you want to check this before using this method.
  • Smudging with White Sage ~ Smudging is the ancient ceremony of burning revered plants and herbs in order to create a sacred smoke bath. It can be used for welcoming in the new day, cleansing the body, home or workplace from negative energies, and for clearing crystals.  You can read more about smudging here
  • Smudging with Palo Santo ~ Known as the "Holy Wood", Palo Santo is a sacred tree that grows on the coast of South America. An earthy scented wood representing the earth element, the sacred smoke is to purify and cleanse your space and crystals, introducing positive energy.  
  • Salt ~ Immerse the crystals in a bowl of Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt then dispose of the salt afterwards as it would have absorbed the negative energy.  Note: There are some crystals that are porous, with high metal content or contain water that cannot be cleansed in this way so best to check this first then use an alternative method. 
  • Sunshine ~ Place your crystals in the sun to bathe in the beautiful ray of light.
  • Full Moon ~ Place your crystals out in the light of the Full Moon to recharge and absorb the light energy from the moon.
  • Sound Healing ~ Using singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, bells, chanting or tuning fork to clear the vibration and harmonise your crystals.    
  • Use other clearing crystals ~ Selenite is a high vibration, self cleansing stone used to connect to the higher realms, and beneficial for energy clearing.  You can place your crystals on Selenite to cleanse, purify and amplify the energy of your crystals.
  • Planting crystals back into the earth ~ As crystals have come from the earth, this is a great one for grounding the crystals back from where they came from by burying them in the ground or in a pot plant.  Note: Some crystals may not be able to use this method and may be damaged if the soil is too wet.  It is best to check this first, use an alternative method and then you could place your crystals on the earth for grounding.

~ Crystals are beings of light used to carve the way to new possibilities ~

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Feel free to ask us any queries you may have. 

Blessings to you, love and light ✨


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