How Smudging Clears Negative Energy and Helps You Connect to Inner Wisdom

If you’ve never heard of smudging before, don’t worry — you’re not alone! Smudging is an ancient practice with a modern following. Many people associate smudging with the Native Americans, and while the practice did originate with them, it is not exclusive to them. Smudging is a spiritual cleansing practice using smoke and herbs to help remove physical, emotional and spiritual blockages from your body and aura.

What's Smudging And Why Do It?

If you’re a newbie to smudging, or if you’re looking to create a more mindful home environment, I’ve got you covered. Smudging is a powerful act to help activate and enhance your energy fields. Removing the toxins and ingrained negative energy that were once trapped within. Smudging, along with visualisation, can be an incredibly powerful tool to uncover hidden emotions and feelings and guide the energy you release back to where it truly belongs.

How Do I Smudge?

Smudging works through your aura, and the energy it releases through your energy field cleanses, energises and blesses your space.  Using selected plants and herbs such as White Sage and Palo Santo, a ritual is then created with a positive intention.  When you burn the smudge stick, cleansing smoke is released and circulated around your body and your surroundings. Smudging is a natural remedy that cleanses and rejuvenates, stimulates health, sparks creativity and improves wellbeing. Along with improving your physical and emotional wellbeing, cleaning your environment can increase your productivity.  It helps re-balance energetic centres and helps release negative emotions. Letting go of the past will free you to live the life you truly want to live.

Smudging is intuitive and timeless. It’s offered as an affordable, peaceful strategy for positively changing your physical environment, improving the flow of thoughts and feelings, and healing your energy. 

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