Do you see the same numbers?

Have you seen these numbers appear in your day but not paid much attention?

These numbers in sequence are what are known as Angel numbers.  Your Angels and Guides are sending you messages and trying to get your attention.  Here is what they mean:

000 New Beginnings. Time to create your reality, and make your choices from the heart to match your desires.

111  Your thoughts are manifesting quickly, keep them positive and make a wish.

222  Have faith, you are on the right path.  All will be revealed in divine timing.

333  The Ascended Masters are near assisting, guiding and protecting you.  Show them some gratitude.

444  Angels are near you in this moment keeping you safe and guiding you, a great time to ask for a sign!

555  Big changes in the works! Growth is positive, trust the changes are for your highest good and enjoy the ride!

666  Release worries of the physical world and focus on your spiritual path and family.  Release worries around finances and embrace faith in source!

777  Expect miracles. Luck is on your side. Keep doing what you've set your mind to.

888  Money is coming! This is the sign of financial abundance entering your life.

999  Endings. Some part of your life is ready to come to a close. Release the old to make space for the new.

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