Do you check in with yourself?

In the busy lives we lead today it's just as important to check in with yourself regularly. Do you check in with yourself?  What do I mean by this? Take a few moments to connect within and listen to your inner guidance.  I believe the answers are within us, we just need to listen.

There is a simple process you can do that can take as little as 5 -15 minutes a day.  Read on!

For a quick check in, you can take a few moments, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and take some deep breaths.  Centre yourself, let all those random thoughts go and just 'be'.  In this space you can ask yourself "how am I feeling?", "how am I feeling within my body?", "how am I feeling within my heart?" then take a moment to really listen.

To take this a step further and create a ritual, you can do the following:

  • Create a quiet space. 
  • Light some incense, I like to use Yatra Incense.
  • Gather your favourite crystals or those you are drawn to.  I'm using Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Tourmaline with my Selenite wand.
  • You may want to have paper or a journal nearby to write down any thoughts.
  • Light some Palo Santo to clear negative energy and invite positive energy.
  • Take some deep breaths to ground you.
  • Hold the crystals in your hand or over your heart and say a little blessing such as "May this day be blessed with intent for my highest purpose.  Tell me all I need to know to help light and guide my path on this day"
  • Sit with this in the silence and listen for your answers.
  • Do what feels right for you, take as much time as you need.

If we make the process simple we are more than likely willing to give it a go, and do on a regular basis!

So give it a try, connect within and see if you are able to get some clarity.  After all, the aim is to connect to our soul.

Blessings to you, love and light ✨


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