Crystal Grid For Abundance

Recently I have been talking on my socials about how to manifest and invite abundance into your life.  I have been using a series of spiritual tools to help me manifest big changes in my life, and one of them is using our new Crystal Grid for Abundance.

We have created a beautiful combination of crystals to aid in manifesting your desires, inviting prosperity and abundance. By creating an intention and placing selected crystals on the crystal grid, you are amplifying the energy vibration allowing the crystals to work in harmony.  The Clear Quartz point in the centre position, will activate the grid connecting to the universe and is connected to all parts of the grid.

You can place your grid where you will see it everyday, holding intent for what you want to manifest.

The Crystal Grid for Abundance comes packaged in a beautiful box containing:

  • Clear Quartz ~ Clear quartz is a master crystal that encourages clarity, protects against negative energy and helps you to attune to your higher self. The most powerful healer, Quartz is good for removing blockages and can be aligned with all chakras working on all levels of self.  A Clear Quartz Crystal Point will focus the energy of the crystal out through the point. 
  • Citrine ~ A powerful cleanser and one of the stones of abundance.  As a happy stone, Citrine is an aid to assist with manifesting and attracting success and prosperity.  Encouraging you to share your creativity and self expression with others.
  • Aventurine ~ Is a stone of prosperity.  Promoting compassion, creativity and emotional recovery, enabling one to live within their own heart.
  • Red Jasper ~ A stone of health, strengthening and detoxifying. It creates a strong connection to the earth, for energy, strength, stamina and spiritual grounding. Great for calming worry and emotions.
  • Carnelian ~ Is a powerful aid to those who wish to build their confidence, courage, passion and power.  As a stone of vitality, can be used to aid in confidence, motivation and taking action.
  • Tiger's Eye ~ Aids in accomplishing goals, recognising inner sources and promoting clarity of intention.  Facilitates manifestation and differentiates between wishful thinking about what you want and what you really need. 
  • Pyrite ~ Also known as “fools gold” is the stone of luck.  Used as a symbol for abundance, wealth and prosperity.  An aid to boost confidence and helps you to focus, encouraging gratitude into your life.  A great protection crystal from negative energy.

Each grid comes with an instruction card on how to activate and setup the grid.

Here is a video of one I have setup, I have also written my wishes to manifest on a piece of paper to put in the centre of the grid.

All created and made by us here in Australia.

Happy manifesting! 🌟

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